Roth Candles
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            Made in the country just for you!
Hi & welcome to our website. Our products page is where you will find a variety of colorful scented candles for you to choose from which will fill your house with memories.  Currently Roth Candles has 75 scents to choose from. Our candles are 100% guaranteed to burn evenly, thoroughly and the scent lasts throughout. For the cleanest burning candle you should always keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. The lower the flame gets in the jar, the more it strives for oxygen. Keep burning candles out of drafty areas. Stop burning candle when the wax gets down to 1/2 inch. Ask us about candle parties & our fundraisers. We can help your school or organization raise money for your needs. You can now order tarts and jar candles, etc. @

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